SWFT 0-gas Swap Service

The criteria that need to be met for a "0-gas" swap:

  1. Tokens need to be on TRON, BSC, Polygon, HECO, and OKExChain;

  2. Insufficient funds for mainnet tokens;

  3. SWFT channel

  4. Users of the MetaMask wallet need to enable the "Toggle eth_sign requests" function, steps as following:

  1. Select a token as the From token (if it's a mainnet token, it means there is enough balance to pay for the gas fee, so the 0-Gas service won't be triggered). When exchanging, make sure there is not enough mainnet token to pay for the gas fee. Take the BSC chain as an example.

  2. Click on “Request for Quote”

  1. When the requirements for the no GAS service are met, SWFT channel will display relevant prompts. Clicking on the blue prompt text will redirect to the corresponding documentation, which explains and describes the 0-GAS swap service.

  1. Select the SWFT channel and click on "Swap" to trigger the "0-gas Swap Service".

5. The swap Channel Offers includes information about the "0-Gas Swap Service", click to redirect to the corresponding documentation for more details.

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