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MetaPath is the leading and most-efficient decentralized finance platform in the universe. MetaPath is the pioneer and first cross-metaverse, cross-gamefi, cross-chain, and multi-platform next-level aggregator that connects metaverse and NFT marketplaces, public blockchain, DEXs, and cross-chain bridges with the ultimate purpose of connecting the economic systems of different GameFis by linking virtual assets Like NFTs in the virtual world, to realize the interoperability of the Metaverses.

We are building two products – one is a platform called MetaPath platform and the other one is a protocol called Metapath Protocol.

We have already built a MetaPath platform which will be a one-stop shop that will enable users to find the best route to exchange all crypto-related assets including fungible and NFT’s s in the metaverse. The MetaPath platform will connect them to all centralized and decentralized trading platforms including major cross chain bridges, nft marketplaces, gamefi exchanges.

Initially, we will use API to connect them; in Phase II, we will use a new product called MetaPath Protocol. It is a blockchain asset routing protocol which aggregates not only cross-chain bridges and fungible tokens but also NFT marketplaces and Gamefi exchanges.

The goal of the MetaPath team is to realize the interconnectivity of blockchain ecosystems where users can reliably swap or transfer any digital asset and get paid for every transaction.

Support: Contact@path.finance

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