Cross-chain Swap function

  1. How do I use MetaPath to swap cryptocurrencies between different blockchains?


MetaPath Swap is a cross-chain aggregator that enables users to swap cryptocurrencies between different blockchains. To use MetaPath, users can connect their wallets and choose the tokens they want to swap. MetaPath supports most major public chains, and aggregates DEXs, Bridges, and Swap platforms, multiple liquidity sources such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Multichain, as routes for swapping.

  1. What are the fees that MetaPath charges for cross-chain swaps, and how are they calculated?

There is NO FEE to connect your wallet to MetaPath and browse The Metaverse. Various transactions accrue fees based on the type of transaction and chain your process the transaction on, which will be displayed on the transaction page as an estimated fee for reference..

  1. Can I swap any cryptocurrency on MetaPath, or are there limitations?

MetaPath supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and users can swap any token on any chain that is available on MetaPath.

  1. How long does it typically take for a cross-chain swap to be completed on MetaPath?

The duration of a cross-chain swap on MetaPath depends on the specific blockchain and the amount of network congestion at the time of the swap. Typically, swaps take a few minutes to complete, but it may take longer during periods of high network activity.

  1. What happens if my transaction fails or gets stuck during the cross-chain swap process on MetaPath?

If a transaction fails or gets stuck during the cross-chain swap process on MetaPath, users can contact the customer support team for assistance.

  1. How secure is MetaPath's platform, and what measures does it have in place to protect my assets?

MetaPath's platform is designed with security in mind, and it employs measures such as multi-factor authentication and SSL encryption to protect users' assets.

  1. Can I use MetaPath's platform to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, or is it only for swapping between blockchains?

MetaPath's platform is primarily designed for swapping between tokens across blockchains.

  1. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can swap on MetaPath's platform?

The minimum and maximum amount that can be swapped on MetaPath's platform depends on the specific token pair being traded and the liquidity sources used.

  1. Does MetaPath have any referral or rewards programs for users who refer others to its platform?

Yes. MetaPath has a referral program. Users can apply for a personal referral link and receive rewards when other users use the link to swap. Please contact customer service for more details.

  1. How can I get in touch with MetaPath's customer support team if I have a problem or question that is not answered on its website or in its FAQs?

Users can contact MetaPath's Online Customer Support through its website, and enter the chatroom talking to our 24/7 c.s. Support. The platform also has a FAQ section that answers common questions. Users can also find our customer support by email contact@path.finance.

  1. Can I use MetaMask wallet to interact with MetaPath platform?

Of course. Users can use MetaMask wallet to interact with MetaPath's platform.

  1. Does MetaPath support bridging from Polygon to Ethereum?

MetaPath supports bridging from Polygon to Ethereum. MetaPath currently supports 30+ chains, and chains shown on MetaPath Swap page are all supported by MetaPath.

  1. How does MetaPath ensure that the price of the tokens I'm swapping is fair?

MetaPath ensures the price of the tokens being swapped is fair by aggregating multiple liquidity sources, and by considering various factors such as exchange rate, exchange time, customer service, etc., we provide the best exchange route. Of course, users can also choose other routes for exchange within MetaPath to ensure a high-quality swap service.

  1. What blockchain networks does MetaPath support for cross-chain swaps?

MetaPath supports multiple blockchain networks for cross-chain swaps, including BTC/ETH/BSC/TRON/HECO/OKC/SOLONA/POLYGON/ETHF/ETHW/ARB(ONE)/OP/AVAX/FTM/KLAY/ETC/CUBE/KCC/CELO/EOS/POLKADOT/CRONOS/ONTOEVM/XDC/GNOSIS/KAVA/XRP/TT/DRAC/HPB/BRISE/DBC/CORE. Please check path.finance for all available chains.

  1. What are the recommended gas fees when using MetaPath for cross-chain swaps?

Check the gas fee before you initiate the swap, make sure you have enough gas fee to prevent transaction failure. You can simulate the transfer and check the real-time gas fee. Generally, ensuring that there is more than three times the amount of gas fee in your wallet will ensure a smooth cross-chain swap.

  1. How does MetaPath protect against rug pulls or scams on its platform?

MetaPath employs measures such as auditing its liquidity sources and performing due diligence on new projects to protect against rug pulls or scams on its platform. Any financial activity has risk, and user trading is a voluntary action. Of course, MetaPath will respond promptly when risks are discovered, such as by issuing risk warnings or temporarily suspending exchanges.

  1. Does MetaPath require KYC/AML for its users?

MetaPath does not currently require KYC/AML for its users.

  1. How can I check the status of my cross-chain swap transaction on MetaPath?

Users can check the status of their cross-chain swap transaction on MetaPath through the transaction hash provided by their wallet.

  1. What happens if I send the wrong amount of cryptocurrency to the MetaPath swap address?

Firstly, the cross-chain swap process automatically transfers the tokens for swap, and the amount to be transferred is filled in by the user, so there is no situation where the amount is wrong. If such a situation occurs, please contact customer service in a timely manner. In addition, if you fill in the wrong address when swap, such as an exchange address, contract address, or other address that does not belong to you, MetaPath cannot revoke or cancel the transaction. If you fill in an exchange address, please contact the corresponding exchange customer service for assistance. If you fill in a contract address or other address that does not belong to you, your tokens will be lost, and MetaPath does not assume any responsibility for your asset losses. Please check the cross-chain amount and the receiving address before conducting the cross-chain flash exchange.

  1. Can I cancel a cross-chain swap on MetaPath after I've initiated it?

Users cannot cancel a cross-chain swap on MetaPath after they have initiated it, because it is all on-chain transactions. Please confirm your transaction information before swap.

NFT Aggregator:

  1. How do I connect my wallet to MetaPath for purchasing NFTs with any cryptocurrency?

To connect your wallet to MetaPath for NFT purchases, simply click on the "Connect Wallet" button on the right top. You can connect the related wallet to the platform to make purchases.

  1. What types of NFTs can I purchase through MetaPath's NFT aggregator?

MetaPath aggregates all NFTs from major NFT Marketplaces, including art, collectibles, gaming assets, and more. The platform sources NFTs from multiple marketplaces and platforms, making it a one-stop-shop for NFT collectors.

  1. How does MetaPath's price comparison system work to ensure I get the best price on NFTs?

MetaPath's price comparison system compares the prices of the same NFT across multiple platforms to ensure you get the best deal. The platform displays all related costs of an NFT across different platforms, and users will have a straight-forward view of the price of the NFT, which will greatly help you make informed purchasing decisions.

  1. Can I use MetaPath's NFT aggregator to buy NFTs from multiple platforms?

Yes, you can use MetaPath's NFT aggregator to purchase NFTs from multiple platforms. The platform aggregates NFTs from various marketplaces, making it easy to find and purchase NFTs in one place.

  1. Are there any fees associated with purchasing NFTs using MetaPath?

There is NO FEE to purchase NFTs with MetaPath using native token (e.g. buy ETH chain NFTs with ETH). But when you choose any token other than the native token to pay for your NFT order, there will be a cost related to cross-chain swap.

  1. How long does it take to complete an NFT purchase on MetaPath?

The time it takes to complete an NFT purchase on MetaPath depends on the platform from which the NFT is being purchased. However, most transactions are completed within a few minutes.

  1. How do I check the status of my NFT purchase on MetaPath?

You can check the status of your NFT purchase by connecting your wallet and checking your profile.

  1. Can I cancel an NFT purchase once it has been initiated?

No, once an NFT purchase has been initiated, it cannot be canceled. However, if the transaction fails or gets stuck, you can contact MetaPath's customer support for assistance.

  1. How does MetaPath ensure compatibility with various NFT standards and blockchains?

MetaPath ensures compatibility with various NFT standards and blockchains by aggregating NFTs from multiple platforms and marketplaces. The platform also supports multiple wallets and blockchain networks, making it easy for users to purchase NFTs from different blockchains.

  1. Can I use MetaPath to sell my NFTs across different platforms as well?

Yes, users can place selling orders through MetaPath to multiple platforms, simply just selecting platforms and entering the selling price for each platform.

  1. Are there any discounts or promotions for purchasing NFTs through MetaPath?

MetaPath occasionally initiates marketing campaigns and offers benefits of using the platform. Users can follow the platform's social media accounts to stay updated on any ongoing promotions.

  1. Can I use MetaPath's NFT aggregator on my mobile device? Is there an app available?

Yes, you can use MetaPath's NFT aggregator on your mobile device through its App and mobile-optimized website.

  1. How can I contact MetaPath support if I have issues with my NFT transaction?

You can contact MetaPath support by visiting their website and clicking on the "Support" icon on the bottom right. From there, you can speak with our customer representative directly. Or you can email us at contact@path.finance. We also have a telegram community for users to communicate. Feel free to join us.

  1. How frequently is MetaPath's NFT aggregator updated with new NFT listings and platforms?

MetaPath's NFT aggregator is updated continuously to ensure that users have access to the latest NFT listings and platforms. The frequency of updates may vary depending on market demand and other factors.

  1. Can I create a personalized NFT wishlist or collection on MetaPath?

Yes, MetaPath allows users to add NFTs to their favorites by clicking on the ‘Like’ button. This can be a useful feature for users who want to keep track of specific NFTs or build their own curated collection.

  1. Are there any country-specific restrictions for using MetaPath's NFT aggregator?

Yes. MetaPath currently does not provide service to mainland China users.

  1. Can I view and manage my purchased NFTs within MetaPath's platform?

Yes, once you've purchased an NFT through MetaPath, you can view and manage it through your profile. This can include viewing the NFT's details, transferring it to another wallet, or selling it.

  1. What is the MetaPath NFT API, and how can developers access it for their projects?

The MetaPath NFT API is an interface that developers can use to access MetaPath's NFT aggregator and integrate it into their own projects. MetaPath also provides free tech assistance during integration. After the integration, we will provide 24/7 customer support for your users if they have any question using our product.

Check the API here: https://metapath.gitbook.io/metapath-api/

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