SWFT 0-gas Swap Service

Due to the nature of blockchain, when sending tokens on various chains, a certain amount of mainnet tokens such as ETH/BNB/HT must be paid as gas fees. This can be a high barrier to entry for novice users.

To make it easier for users, SWFT has designed a 0-gas Swap service, which allows users to complete swaps without paying any gas fees. This allows users to easily send transaction tokens without having to understand the existence of gas token i.e. ETH/BNB/HT. Users only need to have the tokens they want to swap, and when sending, the token will automatically be deducted as a gas fee.

For example, if a user wants to swap USDT on the BSC chain to USDT on the ETH chain, they would normally need to pay a certain amount of mainnet tokens, i.e. BNB, as a gas fee. If the user's address doesn't have any BNB, they wouldn't be able to send the token for the swap. With SWFT Channel's 0-gas Swap service, users won't need any mainnet tokens like BNB to pay gas fees. As long as the user has USDT on the BSC chain, they can swap tokens easily.

The implementation of this feature is that SWFT will send ETH/BNB/HT and other mainnet tokens to the user address from the official absentee fee payment address, and then the user will send the Token as the absentee fee to the SWFT official receiving address. For the user, Users can also perform Swap without the mainnet tokens.

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