Swap Section

MetaPath aggregates the mainstream DEXs and CEXs in the market, with high security, low risk, fast speed and best rate.

Before using MetaPath Swap, please make sure your wallet is connected.

MetaPath now supports 10+ DEX wallets, including MetaMask, TokenPocket, CoinbaseWallet, MathWallet, imToken, etc.

Wallet Connection

This tutorial will take the PC browser extension version of MetaMask BSC wallet as an example.

If the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network is not added to your MetaMask wallet yet, it needs to be added first. Schematic is shown below.

BSC URL:https://bsc-dataseed1.defibit.io/


Other information can be filled in with your preference.

Or using browser to access https://chainlist.org/zh to add mainnets/chains

After adding the BSC network, visit the MetaPath website (please use a browser to visit): https://path.finance, click [Connect Wallet] in the upper right corner of the page, and select [MetaMask] in the pop-up box. Follow the instructions on the page to connect to the BSC network

In order to access through other wallets such as TokenPocket, Coinbase Wallet, etc., you can directly access the MetaPath webpage in the wallet app and select the wallet.


After connecting wallet, let’s move to [SWAP] section.

For MetaPath's swap, user need to select the token to swap and click [RFQ] to check the price, user will be able to see multiple swap channels and a BEST price tag. Taking USDT to BNB as an example, as shown in the picture, the system automatically selects the swap channel with the best price.

Click [Swap], the page will update the progress in real time, each swap will take approximately 10s, the system will inform the user when the transaction is competed.

Click [Transaction History] in the upper right corner to view your exchange history in MetaPath

Enjoy swap on MetaPath Swap: https://path.finance (access with any wallet)

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